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Chapter Announces 2017 Women of Inspiration


CONTACT:    Nachamah Jacobovits

(917) 715-0998

Marietta Daniel






NEW YORK, NY – November 13, 2017 – The NYC Metro Chapter of WISE (Women In Sports and Events) today announced that on Tuesday, December 5, it will recognize as 2017 Women of Inspiration Bonnie Bernstein, veteran broadcaster and founder of Walk Swiftly Productions; Susan Cohig, senior vice president, National Hockey League Business Affairs & Integrated Marketing and Amy Scheer, chief commercial officer for the New York Red Bulls.


The Women of Inspiration celebration is held annually in New York as part of a national effort by WISE chapters to recognize regional women who have achieved leadership positions in the sports and events industries while serving as role models and mentors for other women.  This year’s event will include a no-holds-barred discussion with the honorees, followed by a holiday-themed cocktail reception.


Chapter President Van Adams said, “The greatest challenge for our chapter in recognizing Women of Inspiration is always the multitude of metropolitan-area women who fit the bill.  With the increasing number of women in leadership roles in the array of sports-related business and teams in New York and its surrounding vicinity, we are blessed with a solid pool of inspiring women, yet these three stood out in terms of their contributions to both the sports industry and the growth and development of other professional women.”


After spending 17 years on-air at ESPN/ABC and CBS covering the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA football and basketball,  Bernstein most recently added executive leadership and production to her portfolio, serving as vice president, Content and Brand Development, for Campus Insiders, and founding Walk Swiftly Productions. Recognized by the American Sportscasters Association as one of the most accomplished female journalists, she is also a member of the Celebrity Ambassador Team for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation; the Co-National Spokesperson for the Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis; has served as National Ambassador for ING KiDS Rock; and co-chaired the committee supporting the Congressionally chartered National Foundation on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, generating private funds for childhood obesity initiatives. She has received Pop Warner’s “Female Achievement Award”, and has been named to New York Moves Magazine’s “Power Women” and Jewish Women International’s “Women to Watch” lists. An Academic All-American (gymnastics) at the University of Maryland, she currently serves on the college’s Merrill College of Journal’s Board of Visitors as well as the Advisory Board for the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism.


Cohig is responsible for working across all business areas of the NHL office, including digital media, events, integrated sales, marketing, and broadcasting, and in collaboration with the legal team. She works to elevate League business and marketing activities through a continued partnership with the NHL teams.  She was instrumental in facilitating the successful onboarding of the expansion Vegas Golden Knights for their 2017 inaugural season. She also spearheads the NHL’s women’s hockey initiative, working to elevate and support women’s hockey by using NHL assets to spotlight the women’s game, providing greater visibility by integrating editorial coverage on and incorporating involvement with key League events. She was previously responsible for overseeing management of the League’s U.S.-based national partnership marketing relationships. Before joining the NHL in 1996, she spent several years with Ascent Entertainment, overseeing sales and servicing corporate partner relationships of the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets.  She was named a 2014 Marketing Hall of Femme honoree by Direct Marketing News and a 2013 “Game Changer – Women in Sports Business” by Sports Business Journal; as well as one of Globe & Mail’s “Power 50” list of Canadian Sports Figures in 2013.


A 25- year veteran of the sports industry, Scheer oversees all areas pertaining to Red Bulls’ revenue including ticket sales, marketing partnerships, events and training programs. Over 15 seasons with the New Jersey Nets, she launched many new projects including Emmy award-winning team-specific TV shows (Nets Courtside and Gate D), New York Print Industries award-winning team magazine (InnerNets), a youth radio show (Slammin’ Planet) as well as the first free game-day program (PlayBall).  She then became vice president of marketing & communications for the New York Liberty.  During her tenure, the Liberty consistently led the league in attendance, ticket sales, marketing partnerships and award-winning marketing campaigns (Telly and Davey Awards).  On the court, she produced and hosted the first professional basketball regular season outdoor game at Arthur Ashe Stadium and staged six games at Radio City Music Hall.  She also helped launch the NYCFC soccer club.


# # #