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NEW YORK, NY – September 18, 2018 – The NYC Metro Chapter of Women in Sports and Events (WISE) recently appointed Lori Embrey to its Board of Directors as membership chair.

Ms. Embrey is the senior director of technical product management at ESPN’s Corporate Campus, where she manages the business, work intake, and project prioritization for the technological collaboration with affiliate sales and marketing. Previously, she was an executive consultant at Cox Communications, where she designed and executed plans to migrate customers from video analog to digital video products and she spearheaded the launch of TV Everywhere products at Time Warner Cable, working closely with a variety of programmers including ESPN. Her efforts standardized the launch, technical, and product customer-facing process, laying the groundwork for faster, larger and more efficient launches going forward. In her role as membership chair, Ms. Embrey will lead membership outreach efforts including corporate member recruitment and will oversee member engagement activities including quarterly networking meet-ups and book club activities.

Van Adams, WISE NYC Metro Chapter President, said, “I look forward to incorporating Lori’s talent and skill in creating efficiencies and streamlining and standardizing practices into our membership process. Her project management expertise and enthusiasm for the WISE mission will no doubt add value across the board to all of our programs and initiatives.”


About WISE
Women in Sports and Events (WISE) is the leading voice and resource for professional women in the business of sports. Through ongoing meetings, special events and mentoring programs, WISE offers its members the opportunity to gain valuable insights and connections that can provide them a competitive advantage in their current position and as they advance in their careers. Founded in 1993, WISE is a membership organization headquartered in New York City with chapters in Arizona, Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Charlotte, Detroit, Greater Raleigh, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC Metro, Pittsburgh, San Diego, South Florida, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Twin Cities, Utah and Washington, DC. To become a member of WISE, please visit

Established in 2007, the NYC Metro Chapter offers six signature programs that enhance the success and growth of women in sports business. The organization strives to be the definitive source for businesswomen seeking information about issues, challenges and opportunities impacting all stages of their career. To learn more about the NYC Metro Chapter and upcoming events, please visit