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On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, WISE NYC Metro Chapter presented its inaugural Women of Inspiration event at the PlayStation Theater in NYC to honor 3 women who have achieved leadership positions in sports business while serving as role models and mentors for other women. They’ve made, and continue to make, a positive impact and empower us all to reach for higher heights.

The year-end holiday celebration featured a sports fashion runway show with apparel provided by G-III Sports by Carl Banks, live music by DJ Fafa Khan, and plenty of good cheer while networking with some of the industry’s best and brightest stars and special guests!

The show portion of the event paid tribute to the history of WISE with models (students and student-athletes from local colleges and universities) wearing sports jackets representing each of the 12 WISE Chapters. The second part of the show featured WISE members and friends currently working in sports business modeling sports apparel representing the NY/NJ sports teams.

The evening included a special tribute to the five women, 3 of whom were in attendance, who met over a meal at Mickey Mantles in 1993 to brainstorm a way to bring women in sports business together… 20+ years later WISE is a national organization with chapters throughout the United States in 12 cities/regions from coast-to-coast.


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L to R: Karen Davis-Farage, president and co-owner of Pole Position Raceway; Elisa Padilla, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center; Suzanne Smith, Producer/Director, CBS Sports

Conversations with the 2015 Women of Inspiration Honorees

click on photo below for honoree’s interview, first published in the event program

Karen Davis-Farage

Karen Davis-Farage
Pole Position Raceway

Elisa Padilla

Elisa Padilla
Barclays Center/Brooklyn Nets

Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith
CBS Sports


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photo credits: Stephan Hudson and Da Ping Luo More Event Photos – Visit Our Facebook Page