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On Tuesday December 5, 2017, the WISE NYC Metro Chapter presented its annual Women of Inspiration event at The 3 West Club in the heart of Rockefeller Center. The evening recognized  three extraordinary women sports business leaders: Amy Scheer, Chief Commercial Officer, New York Red Bulls; Bonnie Bernstein, Veteran Broadcaster & Founder Walk Swiftly Productions; Susan Cohig, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & Integrated Marketing, National Hockey League.

The year-end holiday celebration also served as the grand finale to NYC Metro Chapter’s 10th anniversary year culminating with a Proclamation from the Mayor of New York City for program contributions to the greater metropolitan community.

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L to R: Amy Scheer, Chief Commercial Officer, New York Red Bulls; Bonnie Bernstein, Veteran Broadcaster & Founder Walk Swiftly Productions; Susan Cohig, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & Integrated Marketing, National Hockey League.

photo credit: Stephan Hudson/2nd Chance Photography. For more event photos – Visit Our Facebook Page