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Contact: Rachel Gary, WISE (201) 615-9629
Contact: Joanna Hunter, NFL (212) 450-2449



NEW YORK, NY (April 16, 2012) — Women in Sports & Events (WISE), the leading voice and resource for professional women in the business of sports and events, announced today the National Football League is working with the organization as its first corporate partner.

Founded in 1993, WISE continues to support women in the business of sports and events industries as well as provide resources for them to grow and advance in their careers through a series of initiatives. WISE serves more than 1,000 members across the country and hosts its annual WISE Women of the Year luncheon honoring three women leaders within the industry. Kim Williams, Chief Operating Officer of NFL Network is one of the honorees being recognized at this year’s luncheon on June 19th, 2012 in NYC.

The NFL partnership marks the first time WISE is forming a year-long partnership with a single entity. Through the partnership, WISE and the NFL will collaborate on programming and other targeted platforms to benefit the WISE membership and NFL employees.

In conjunction with its WISE partnership, the NFL recently launched its first internal employee affinity group, the Women’s Interactive Network (WIN). The mission of WIN is to assist with the career development of female employees while deepening the engagement of all league staff.

“With more than 280 women employees, we are thrilled the NFL recognizes the importance of supporting and celebrating women within their workplace,” stated Kathleen Francis, National Board Chair and President, WISE. “We are confident that WISE’s unique resources and programs, along with the reach of the NFL, will benefit current women employed by the NFL as well as future female employees wishing to work in professional football.”

”We are pleased to be working with WISE to develop programs and resources for our employees and other WISE members,” said Robert Gulliver, the NFL’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “We are excited to be the first sports league to partner with this industry leader and look forward to evolving the networks and resources for professional women in the sports and events business.”

About WISE
WISE (Women in Sports & Events) is the leading voice and resource for professional women in the sports and events industries. Through ongoing meetings, special events and mentoring programs, WISE aims to offer its members the opportunity to gain valuable industry insights and connections that can give them a competitive advantage in their current position and as they advance in their careers. Founded in 1993, WISE is a membership organization headquartered in New York City with chapters in Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, NYC-Metro, Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, as well as Syracuse University’s WISE on Campus. To become a member of WISE, please visit