The Financial Fitness program is designed as a blueprint to provide WISE members with resources and tools for better fiscal management and understanding of overall business operations.

The Financial Fitness program is exclusively for WISE Members and is not centered on personal financial planning, while that is important too, the focus is on financial strategy and the business acumen needed to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

With a growing number of women owned small businesses, and the rising number of women who lead companies and are in various business leadership capacities, the Financial Fitness program will address topics such as how to develop and manage budgets, understanding the valuation process as it applies to the health of an organization/department/business, salary negotiation and fee structure, and other finance related topics that are critical to a woman’s career advancement.

Financial Fitness is for current WISE NYC Metro Chapter members only.

Questions on Financial Fitness? Contact our Professional Development Chair
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Financial Fitness Workshop: The impact of diversity on the bottom line
Hosted at Bleacher Report Headquarters